The Comcast Nightmare

After using streaming services like Netflix, hulu, etc. I found a deal with Comcast where they offered a nice TV and Internet bundle for around 50 bucks.  I signed up for a deal after being on a chat for about an hour!  The shipment for the settop box was shipped via UPS and was scheduled to arrive in 3 days.  So far so good!

I had to go out of town for a few days and I was not able to pick the box from UPS at which point I was anyways using the xfinity streaming services so didn’t miss the set top box.  It seems like if you don’t pick the box for cable tv, comcast cancels the other subscription services like HBO thinking you don’t want cable anymore.  They never verified with me or confirmed before cancelling the service for cable TV.  I went into a store and had to ask them to resume the service which after a hour of haggling, the rep agreed to start a new service at the same price.

Today, I finally got the Set top box in mail but they sent me incorrect remote.  Now I can get cable but not use remote to change channels or do anything on the box.  Now I am paying for service that I cannot use and need to walk into a store again to get the right remote.

Although, I have to admit that the customer service has kinda improved since last I contacted them a year ago.  However, a lot seems to be missing with their service.