TCS Layoffs Controversy

Recently, there has been too much hoopla in the news about the exit interviews being conducted at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).  TCS is one of the largest Indian IT firms and they started to let go employees to cut down on costs.  I feel really bad for the employee that was let go and totally sympathize with her but there is nothing inhumane or wrong with layoffs.

We always imagine that we will have a secure and stable job and everybody makes decisions based on this fact.  We take mortgages, auto loans, decide on a rental place, etc based on the assumption that we will always earn X amount of money.  I can only imagine what the woman would’ve felt when HR told her we are sorry but this is your last day!!  However, this is part of workforce optimization.  Large corporations like Microsoft, Cisco, etc also have to layoff employees that are under-performing or just meeting expectations so that they can retain good talent.  Also, if a company is making losses, it has to think for the greater good.

It would have been totally unfair if the person was laid off without any monetary compensation.  TCS pays 3 months of salary as severance pay which sounds humane enough.  The really stupid thing is when judiciary gets involved and puts a stay order on the termination of employee because she is pregnant!!  So if a guy is let go that would be fair but firing a pregnant lady is not lawful?!

I truly hate layoffs and hope nobody has to face it.  However, I don’t agree with claims that TCS layoffs were not humane.


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