Lindt: Intense Orange

For quite some time I was a huge fan of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – Fruit and Nut flavor, then I ate Lindt Intense Orange.  Awesome is the only thing that I can think of to describe this bar of chocolate.  Lindt’s Intense Orange Excellence Bar is by far the best chocolate I’ve tasted in the USA.  It is a dark chocolate bar consisting of Orange zest, almond slivers and hint of pineapple.  It combines the intense flavor of dark, silky smooth chocolate with the tangy and zesty orange.  It has superb after taste and I am addicted to it!!  In this month alone I ate about 4 bars and I really have to control myself everytime I go grocery shopping to not get more.  It does pack some high calories but its worth each single bite.

Every once a while, people get asked what would be the last meal you would like before you die and for me I don’t know what the meal would be but I know for sure that dessert is gonna include this piece of chocolate 🙂

Highly recommended piece of chocolate and the best out there.


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