Rahul Gandhi: Fit to be a leader?

I am not politically inclined to either BJP or congress or any political party in India for that matter.  I have never had the chance to vote and pick a leader in Indian politics.  However, recently I saw this video where a reporter named Arnab Goswami interviews the prime ministerial candidate (hopefully not) of congress i.e. Rahul Gandhi.  The video can be found here and it was featured as part of Frankly speaking show on Times Now network.

I was going through the video and thinking oh boy, Rahul Gandhi is screwed big time.  The guy seems to have been given a script before the show by his party members and he keeps repeating those points, regardless of the question posed by Arnab.  For example, when asked how does he react when Narendra Modi personally attacks him, Rahul goes into a monologue about how to empower women, make democracy open to the public and get RTI for all parts of the society.  It seems like no matter what the question, the Gandhi boy has the same answer.  I feel like if Arnab had asked him whether he likes tea or coffee, Rahul would have responded by saying “Arnab, this is not the question.  The question is whether women are empowered to do what they want.  Congress and BJP have totally different mindsets when it comes to this question.  I want democracy to be transparent and there should be proper process to do everything.  I would like to have RTI on this matter so that there is power to the people!”  Really, the guy fumbles in almost every question and has no direct answer to anything.  It seems like mommy dear told him to only say these 6 points regardless of what curve ball comes his way.  Rahul is not at all direct and brief in his responses, even though Arnab time and again reminds him to be specific.

I don’t care what his strategy or plans are but if we had debate in India, like they have between presidential candidates in US, Rahul would be crushed by Modi.  I don’t support Modi or mean that he is awesome but he is a much better speaker for sure.  I would never want a leader for the country this dumb!!  I mean after the initial few minutes of the interview it starts getting annoying that Rahul never responds clearly and keeps raising three or four points which are totally irrelevant to the question asked.  I hope he is not picked by congress to be the PM candidate.  Congress is really in need of good leaders if they want to win the next election.

Rahul, buddy, you are light years away from becoming a prime minister!!  Please get some tutoring in elocution/debates and please please answer relevantly to questions posed.  If you cannot answer such simple questions, how will you respond to the bigger questions/issues in India???


2 comments on “Rahul Gandhi: Fit to be a leader?

  1. Agreed. I had to close the video after half an hour. He even told Arnab twice in the interview “You are not asking questions like what’s the plan of the party” and such. How did he even become a VP in Congress is out of my understanding. :/

  2. Arnav says:

    I totally agree. Its like I could predict what he is going to say in response to every question.

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