Dhoom 3: Review

Dhoom 3 Poster

Dhoom 3

The Cast

Dhoom 3 is directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya unlike the first two films in the franchise.  Cast lineup includes Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Jackie Shroff and Siddharth Nigam along with american actors portraying different roles.

The Story

A bank robber is unleashed on the streets of California.  Without giving out the spoilers, the basic plot is given out here.  Jackie Shroff plays the owner of a circus company that is on the brink of bankruptcy because of huge loans from the Western Bank of Chicago.  He comes up with a last trick to save his circus by including a magic trick involving young Aamir Khan.  Even though the trick is good, the lenders refuse to give Jaggudada any more time and helpless Jackie commits suicide.  The young Aamir Khan decides to rob branches of the Western Bank and close shop for the bank, all the while working hard to revive the circus.  Once he commits robbery, the Americans call in Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra to assist in the investigation.  They reprise their role as Jai Dixit and Ali respectively.  Katrina Kaif plays Aamir’s love interest and a part of his circus troupe.

The Good

  • A strip show by Katrina Kaif
  • Aamir Khan acts out the role really nicely and proves again that he can carry the weight of a movie on his shoulders
  • BMW Bikes and the way Chicago is captured is beautiful
  • Aamir’s poem “Bande hai hum uske, hum par kiska zor…” is catchy and repeated with conviction

The Bad

  • The length of the film is a bit long and the song Tu hi Junoon could have been omitted entirely
  • Action sequences and VFX is utter nonsense.  Cables appear suddenly, inflatable plastic turns to hard plastic, etc.  Flawed execution of the action causes you to lose interest in the movie


The maker of Dhoom 3 last directed Tashan… This is in itself reason enough to assume that the movie would be stylish but stupid.  The movie starts off in 1990 showing a young Saahir, played by Siddharth Nigam, walking through Chicago.  Jackie Shroff shines in his few minutes as Saahir’s dad and essays the role of a dad wonderfully.  Mr. Andersen is stern and portrayed as an evil bank personnel, who forces Jackie Shroff to commit suicide because of bankruptcy in his circus.  The young kid vows to bring down the bank by robbing it once he grows up and there is an accomplice to help him out with his robberies.  Aamir khan eventually manager to revive the circus, while looting the bank and forcing its closure.  However, the law catches up to the criminal and instead of facing the law, Aamir choses to die.

The best part in the movie is the sizzling Kamli strip by Katrina Kaif.  She looks gorgeous but her dance moves in the song are not that gracious.  However, Katrina doesn’t get to do much in the movie except dance and look hot.  Abhishek Bachchan delivers his lines as if he is least interested in the movie and the poor guy makes his entry in the movie by breaking a wall driving a rickshaw.  People seated behind me shouted “Aukat yahi hai iski” when he made this moronic entry.  Uday Chopra tries to be funny and apart from a rare once or twice, his lines fail to evoke even a smile.  Young Aamir Khan played by Siddharth Nigam looks good and does his part with great sincerity.  The american cast members are also good but they don’t get to do much as well.  This is an Aamir Khan movie all the way.  He plays his role nicely but the utter nonsensical action scenes are what bored me in the movie.

When Aamir Khan is running down a bank wall after his first robbery in the movie, the cable attached to his back keeps on appearing and disappearing at will.  Sometimes it seems to have been hooked to his waist and then in the next scene, it connects to his backpack.  There are some other rubbish sequences that caught my eye.  For example, when Aamir wants to jump atop an open bridge, why does he wait for the bridge to fully open if he has made his mind to jump into the river beneath?  He then has to accelerate real hard once the bridge has opened up.  Also, while he is jumping down the bridge, he presses a button to create inflatable plastic to wrap around the lower body of his bike and convert it into kind of a Jet Ski.  However, in the next scene when the bike has hit the water, this inflatable plastic has changed into hard solid plastic, almost kinda shining metal!!!  Saahir really knows how to perform magic here.  Another example, Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) jumping from the back of a bike driven by Ali (Uday Chopra) to punch a villain in the stomach who has jumped from a balcony on a 3 floor house and gets back onto the bike after hitting the villain.

The chase sequences are senseless and people will lose interest after a while.  The storyline was predictable after a while and the second half seems dragged.  I fail to understand how such a pathetic screenplay and story goes on to earn more than 300 Crore rupees!!  Aamir Khan’s haircut introduces a new hero in the movie: Aamir’s huge ears!!  Uday Chopra is doing a great service to the nation by not working anymore in movies and he should stay behind the camera for Christ’s sake.  Katrina Kaif deserved a better role.  The music of the movie also fails to impress.  The scene where Aamir jumps off the cliff and is falling is almost comic because of the song that plays in the background.  The song is beautiful with awesome lyrics but appears to play at the wrong time.  I really don’t understand why the actors spent so much time learning Parkour and circus tricks as it was not needed.  The Action directors have failed miserably here along with the script writers!!

My rating *** stars. 1 star solely for Katrina’s dance.  Here is a good article I read @ The Hindu


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