Goliyon ki raasleela: Ram-Leela Review

Ram-Leela Review

Goliyon ki Raasleela: Ram-Leela

The Cast

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the Director for the movie with prominent cast members being Ranveer Singh (Ram), Deepika Padukone (Leela), Supriya Pathak (Dhankor Baa), Gulshan Devaiah (Bhavani) and some special appearances by Priyanka Chopra, Raza Murad, Sharad Kelkar, Richa Chadda, etc.

The Story

Goliyon ki raasleela: Ram-Leela is basically the Romeo and Juliet story against the backdrop of Gujarat.  There are two warring families namely Rajadis and Sanedas.  Rannveer Singh (Ram) belongs to the Rajadis and is a non-violent person who flirts with all the women of the city and is a womanizer who owns a porn video shop.  Deepika Padukone (Leela) belongs to the more powerful family overseen by Supriya Pathak (Dhankor baa).  On a holi festival night the lovers meet and fall in love at first sight.  As luck would have it, they have to run away from their village because Ram’s brother mistakenly shoots Leela’s brother and Ram shoots him in return and things get crazy!!  But they are caught and after a few twists and turns which are not at all needed, they end up dead in vain.

The Good

  • Vibrant colors and beautifully captured visuals.
  • Deepika looks gorgeous and her dress designer has done some fantastic work
  • Rannveer’s toned body
  • Some songs like Nagada sang dhol, Ang lagale and Ram Chahe Leelo

The Bad

  • Story is utter bullshit and senseless.  I mean how can two people fall in love, within 3 hours start sracking the cheapest shayari you can ever hear, elope when Ram has murdered Leela’s brother, Return back to the village but even though they can reconcile their differences still continue with the bloody war between the caste, Die without any reason in the end
  • Music sucks except for the songs mentioned above.  SLB should really get some composer to do his music
  • 0% chemistry between the lead pairs
  • Vulgar and cheap dialogues that are totally unnecessary and neither funny


The movie opens up showing enmity between two warring factions of a city.  However, even though bullets are used like water, no one ends up dying almost until the interval time.  Each frame in the movie is beautiful with everybody decked in traditional colorful gujarati dresses and jewellery.  Deepika sizzles and tries real hard to look like a bubbly girl who is cute and cunning at the same time but fails miserably.  The lead pair shows affection towards each other as if they are forced and the exchange of words between them feel like trash talk.  The first night they meet, Rannveer sends a slew of cheap messages to Deepika and that kinda impresses the girl.  However, it didn’t surprise me at all because she was already a sex starved adult as evident from the holi sequence when she kisses Rannveer who is a total stranger.  Its like they don’t even exchange a single word until then and kiss!!  I’ve still to witness this in real life and so am I still to witness Unicorns in existence and mammoths to walk the earth.  Why does Ram have to own a porn video shop? Why is Leela so desperate to get laid?  Why is there no blood spilling in the first half?  These and many such questions will walk with you when you leave the cinema hall.

If you don’t care about any logic and enjoy life’s simple pleasures of munching on a tub of popcorn and sipping chilled coke while sitting in the awesome chairs at the cinema hall then this movie is surely for you.  I would again emphasize that after Black and Guzaarish, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has truly returned to his route and used colors in each scene.  The surprise element for me in the movie was Raza Murad.  The choreography is really good in Bhai-Bhai, Lahu munh lag gaya and Nagada sang dhol.  Ang laga de is amazingly picturized on the lead pair and they both sizzle in the song.  Damn its one of the sexiest song I’ve seen in any bollywood movie recently.

I really disliked the movie though and would only give it a 3 star rating.  1 star for Deepika and the other for the amazing cinematography and choreography.  Rannveer, sorry buddy but I wanted to give one star for your chiseled look but then your poor acting skills balanced it out.



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