Removing header from CSV file

I had a 4 GB csv file from which I wanted to remove the header.  I tried using DOS for doing so as I was not able to open the file in any text editor or in Excel.  Within DOS, I tried the following

MORE +1 DATA.csv > output.csv

The above command would create a file output.csv but it would only contain 13000 rows and then just hang.  I tried creating a batch file to accomplish it but again the same problem arised.  Finally, I fired up my Cygwin terminal and used the following command

sed -i 1d DATA.csv

The UNIX command above will basically modify the file in-place and remove the first line as 1d stands for line number where the action will take place (1 in this case) and the action intended (d stands for delete here).  The problem with sed is that even though you only need to remove line 1, the command will parse through the full file.  A similar option to achieve the same in UNIX is :

awk ‘NR>1 {print}’


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