MiO Liquid: Water Enhancer

I have been watching the television ads for the MiO liquid enhancer for quite some time but never felt the need to try it out.  However, the ads are pretty cool with people adding MiO to water after a workout or just for taste.  Recently, on my visit to Safeway for grocery shopping, I saw the small bottle tucked away in the corner and I just wanted to try it out.  The front claims that this small pack consists of Vitamins as well and so no harm in trying it out.  There were many flavors available but to be safe, I picked Orange Tangerine.  I have realized that Orange flavor is something that people hardly screw up and it is a safe bet.

The Packaging

The MiO comes in a plastic bottle that allows for easy squeezes of the liquid onto the glass.  It seems like a water droplet at first glance and the small size allows to easily carry it around in your pockets or gym bags.  The package is cute and sexy simultaneously   The lid on top is also very tight and doesn’t flip open by mistake.  This prevents occasional unwanted drips that I have experienced with several other products.  Also, carrying this small pouch is preferable to carrying a full bottle of vitamin water or Gatorade kind of liquid.  The labels are very vibrant and stylish and you can easily guess some of the flavors by looking at the color of the M on the front.

The Taste

I personally squirt one squeeze into my water bottle of about 500ml.  The taste is very similar to TANG Orange available in the market.  However, the advantage this has is it is liquid and it dissolves very fast and easily.  The drink is uniformly flavored and I also love the colors when it is still dissolving.  The pattern of colors is very nice. I also like adding a few drops in my green tea and sipping it at leisure.  However, I did notice that adding more of it causes the taste to degrade and throat starts feeling itchy.  After a few practice drinks, you will find the taste that best suites your buds.  I am gonna try the Mango-Peach next.

I would really recommend this product and am gonna try out more flavors soon.  The taste is much better than powdered flavors and it dissolves easily with just one shake of the bottle.  So, Grab a MiO for $3.99 flip it, tip it and sip it  😀


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