Inception Time – Awesome Tune

I was not able to find the original tune on youtube, but Hans Zimmer has done a great job here.  Inception in itself has been an awesome movie and I have realized that for a movie to work, all the elements that form its core need to be simply perfect.  Time begins to play near the final 5-10 minutes of the movie.  It starts off with slow chords of piano.  A haunting melody is created using time spaced key presses to create a melody that lingers in your mind.  Slowly, the cello and violins join in to accompany the piano.

The initial part of the music is astounding and is bound to raise the hair on the back of your head or give you goosebumps for sure.  Slowly, more and more instruments join in and rises to the crescendo formed by using drums, metallic guitar, piano, cello, violins, etc instruments.  Again, after reaching the climax it all calms down and you are left with the final sinister tune of the piano.  I would recommend you switch off your lights, fire up youtube and listen to the tune.  I always imagine shooting some awesome video to the backdrop of this and someday maybe I will and upload it in here.  You know the kind of video where you begin in a distance and slowly zoom into a car cruising throughthe death valley or the highway 1 in a slow motion…  and finally the video ending with a car crash in slow motion!!  Or maybe not that serious I don’t know but there is so much that I can imagine though!!!

The video I have posted here doesn’t do full justice to the music and try to get the original from iTunes or Google play (exactly what I did).  Give it a try and let me know how you liked it 🙂


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