Losing wealth: My perspective

I just finished watching a movie on Netflix called The Last Emperor.  It is the story about the last Emperor of China named Pu Yi.  The movie basically chronicles the hereditary emperor selection in ancient China, the fall of Monarchy and Japanese invasion followed by the rise of Chairman Mao in Mainland China.  Apart from the stunning visuals portrayed in the movie and an awesome chinese background score, it made me wonder about one thing.

The one thing that stayed on with me is that it is so difficult for someone who has been brought up surrounded by wealth, abundance of resources and tons of servants to lose it all one fine day.  I mean losing authority is one thing and some might live with the shame of losing their authority but losing the power to purchase is the worst thing that can happen to a born rich person.  If a person has never known suffering, it is always difficult to face it later on in life.

In comparison to the above scenario, if someone is born poor or in a middle class family, the perception of losing wealth is entirely different.  A person who makes money and rises up the ranks with his/her hard work and dedicaton have a sense of confidence; a sense of pride that even if they lose it one day, they can rebuild their riches.  Even when they lose it all, they still revert back to the starting point, which they are already familiar with.  For example, today you know how to operate a bicycle and in the future you purchase a lamborghini (you made that much money God knows how), you would still know how to bike but a person who always drove a car, if he has to start biking it is a whole different story.

I can only imagine the pain Pu Yi would have gone through to purchase entry ticket to the Forbidden City, his own home where he grew up!!!  Imagine if you were ousted from your own home and then the government sets up a barricade asking you to fork out cash to enter your own home.  The place where you ate everyday, played with friends, fought with your siblings, which is yours and you never imagined that some day it will not be yours any more.  There are so many cases of celebrity children who throw it all away because they don’t have a sense of preservation of wealth as they did not have to work for it.  They think it is their birthright and no one can ever take that away!!  However, the reality is that every parent should train their kids for the worst scenario… If you buy your son/daughter fancy cars also teach them to ride in a humble bus.  That way if they ever have to give up everything, they would still be able to fight and survive!!


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