Gujarati song: Pankhida ne pinjru

The Song

I am a huge fan of the song Pankhida ne aa Pinjru that has been sung by Mukesh (Grandfather of Neil Nitin Mukesh).  Here is a link to the song on youtube: 

The lyrics

Pankhida ne aa pinjru, junu junu junu junu lage
Bahue samjavyu toy pankhi navu pinjru mange

Umatyo ajampo aene pand na re praan no
Andharyo karyo manorath dur na prayan no
Andithe desh jaava lagan aene laage, Bahue samjavyu toy pankhi navu pinjru mange
Pankhida ne aa pinjru..

Sone madhel bajathiyo ne sone madhel jhulo
Heere jadel vinjhno moti no mongho anmolo
Paagal na baniye bheru koi na rang raage, Bahue samjavyu toy pankhi navu pinjru mange
Pankhida ne aa pinjru

Pankhida ne aa pinjru junu junu junu junu lage
Bahue samjavyu toy pankhi navu pinjru mange
pankhida ne aa pinjru

The Meaning

I tried looking for the actual meaning of the song online but wasn’t able to find it anywhere so am writing out what I feel the song is about.  Basically, it describes a bird that no longer likes its cage and wants to fly off to some other parts of the world looking for greener pastures.  The singer explains that the bird has started to feel that it is staying in the same cage for too long and the cage feels very old to the bird and even though he tried to make the bird see some sense, it still craves for a newer abode.  He goes on to describe that the bird is feeling this new sense of life in its soul and it has made up its mind to make a journey far away to lands that it has never seen before.  It is really excited to make this journey and no matter how much we try to explain, he wants to leave.

The second stanza begins with the poet describing the abundant wealth that the bird has.  He mentions that the bird has a place to sit made of pure gold as well as a swing that is made of gold with expensive pearls as its chain and that it is so expensive that we cannot even imagine its price.  He finally asks the bird not to follow in the footsteps of others but think for itself.

I think the song was penned for people who immigrate to other countries from their current one.  I have seen many who would leave their mansions, awesome cars, great social life in their current country to stay in some unknown world.  People give up their job, families and sometimes freedom just to imitate others who leave for a “foreign” country without giving it some thought.  I don’t know why but this is one Gujrati song that I really adore and keep listening to again and again 🙂


9 comments on “Gujarati song: Pankhida ne pinjru

  1. Raj Patel says:

    thanks, for posting this beautiful Bhajan/song sung by Mukeshji : Music by Avinash vyas this type song is in our heart forever… and yes thanks for explaining meaning also..

  2. Sudhin says:

    I think the poet is referring to the soul which wants to leave the old body and travel to other side…….

  3. n a says:

    The song refers to the soul leaving the body.

    No matter how much wealth a person has, the body gets old, and dies, which is when the soul leaves the body.

    As you know, in Hinduism, the soul lives on to live another cycle of life in another body.

    This is the meaning of the lyrics.

  4. aashutosh says:

    the song is about temptations, we should aim for being happy and carefree , free spirited rather than freeing our mind from these temptations we try to lock ourselves in bigger cages whereas we are meant to fly to being caged by cage,small or big

  5. Smo says:

    Pankhidu ( Soul) pinjru ( Body)

  6. dharmendra says:

    thank you for the explanation and folllw up comments here. I also love this song and whichever way you look at it..i.e. person leaving their home or soul leaving the body its beautiful.

  7. It's me says:

    I love this song…luckily my father has quite a knowledge about Gujarati literature and he says that here the part is referring to ” jiv” and not soul…u might be wondering about the diff….soul is free of karma…but jiva has to reap fruit of it’s karma…so it’s basically a bout a desire of jiv to leave it’s old body and opt for new…pinjru is body

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