Mankind: The road to Destruction

While going through the news on December 17th, 2012 it truly feels like the end of the world is really here.  When the Mayans predicted the end of world in 2012, maybe they meant the end of humanity and not the species.  The first event that shook US was the shooting that occurred in Connecticut.  A 24 year old just walks into a school with loaded weapons and fires about 100 rounds killing several kids and teachers.  More than 20 kids were shot dead with no fault of theirs.  The guy who did the terrible act must have been really screwed in his brains that he chose to kill 20 souls, who in no way affected his existence, and then die himself to escape the misery of facing the parents and the society in general.  I don’t know what happened to talk things out and if he was so disheartened with his life, maybe commit suicide leaving others in peace.

The other news I heard was about the sad incident where a Delhi girl was raped in a moving bus and her friend was badly beaten up.  This has become so common nowadays in India that people even forget about it in a few days.  Every day you open the newspaper and you see news about small girls being raped, people being killed for money, etc but this news shook me because the rapists didn’t even try to hide.  They were so sure that nothing is gonna happen to them that they went about their daily chores as if they didn’t commit a crime.  I hope they are also hanged like terrorists who attack our country.

We as people have turned insensitive to these incidents, we overlook the injustices going about around us.  I really appreciate the teachers who had the courage to stand against the shooter and die saving the small children.  I appreciate the cops who serve the country (even if they take bribes for petty work) and work hard in solving these crimes.  How can a human being mutilate and kill another person??  How can the rapists not stop hearing the screams of the poor girl they destroyed the life of??  How could the shooter go about killing sweet innocent kids who know nothing about the issues grown ups have??


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