South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe

Recently, some of my friends gathered together and gifted my and my wife a gift voucher to a resort in South Lake Tahoe, CA.  South Lake Tahoe is a beautiful part of California, where during winter time people come from afar to ski at the Heavenly Ski Resort.  Here is a description of some of the places we explored while staying there.

Inn By The Lake

We had a gift voucher from for a place called Inn by the Lake.  It took us about 4 hours to reach there from San Francisco, CA.  The temperature dropped down from 63°F in San Francisco to about 32°F in South Lake Tahoe.  We reached at about 5 PM and it was already dark at the Lake. The check in at the hotel was pretty smooth and we were assigned to our room with a view of the lake. The property is huge and the room we were given was a King Size Bed room with direct view of the lake.  The heating was functional and the room was cozy and warm.  I had read some pretty bad reviews about the place on yelp but luckily for us, we liked the place.  The room consisted of a huge bed, a desk, couch and some dressers.  They also provided a microwave, an old television set with cable and a refrigerator that was impossible to open the door of.  Another annoying thing was the main door to the room would just not bolt shut.  However, the room was clean, lines were smelling good and we had no complains with the room whatsoever.  The front desk personnel, Jeremy, was also nice and helpful but didn’t have much information about the area.  All in all, it was a good hotel with huge room and a nice view of the lake.  I’d say it was 3/5 and I deduct the star because of the refrigerator and the old television set.

Base Camp Pizza

After looking up on Yelp for some good pizza place, we decided to chose from either of BaseCamp Pizza or Lake Tahoe Pizza Company. Finally we decided on Base Camp Pizza as it was, like the name suggests, at the base of the heavenly ski resort mountain. Parking was steep at $1.20 for 20 minutes in the garage and $1 for 20 minutes by the street. The weather was really freezing by now. We walked up to the Pizza place after parking our cars and there was a freaking 1 hour wait. We decided to check out the area while our turn came up.  Outside of the base camp pizzeria, there was a local musician playing electric guitar with his dj console setup… The people sitting on the outside patio were singing along with him and they had heaters set up to keep us warm. Some tipsy girls started dancing when the dj played “I like Big Butts” by Sir Mix-A-Lot entertaining the people waiting in queue for the pizza!! Finally, Our turn came up and we were led to our table. The menu had some good choices that I haven’t seen elsewhere. We used Yelp check-in to get free Garlic fries which were pretty delicious. Ordered a pizza with half side of Thai curry (spicy and savory) and the other half made of Mediterranean pizza. The pizza was pretty good and our server Katie really made us comfortable and overall I’d recommend the place to anyone visiting South Lake Tahoe. 4/5 stars

The Shops at Heavenly Village

The Shops at Heavenly Village includes some ski rentals, cinema, a cold stone creamery, a pub, seattle’s coffee place and mexican restaurant. In the centre of the Shops, there was a small ice rink set up for people to try ice skating.  It was priced reasonably at 20$ for adults.  Because it was December, they were playing christmas songs and the place was fully lit up with lights and decorations. There were also some jewellery and antique shops but we didn’t get a chance to check those out.  Right across from these shops was a market called Raley’s (similar to safeway or Lucky’s) that I haven’t seen any other place.  Also, the new Gondola that goes up to the Heavenly mountain resort is also located here and the place was pretty packed in the morning and evenings.

Bear Beach Cafe

Bear Beach Cafe seemed to be a part of the Inn by the lake.  We had breakfast vouchers from the living social deal and so visited this place 2 for breakfast.  Our waitress, Julienne, was very cordial and explained the deal menu to us and seated us at a table which gave great views of the lake.  They had some very good French Toasts topped with warm strawberries and dollop of whipped cream.  We also tried pancakes which were fresh and mini veggie omelette which wasn’t that good and was totally bland.  The place had scenic view of the lake while we eat and breakfast was tasty except for the omelette.  I’d rate it at 3.5 for the decent meal and great service.

Heavenly Ski Resort Gondola

This was the highlight of the trip and if you are into skiing or snowboarding I highly recommend this if you are in the bay area.  The ticket costs 36$ for a person round-trip from base to the peak.  They have built a mid-level observation deck where you can take pictures with the lake and snow peaked mountains in the background.

Heavenly Gondola Observation Deck

View from the Observation Deck at Heavenly Gondola ride

At the top, there is a small restaurant serving food and hot beverages and tonnes of stuff to do in snow.  There are also classes for learning how to ski and the funny thing was on one side was entry to state of Nevada and on the other you have California.  So you may start to ski in Nevada and end up in California or the other way round.


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