McDonald’s : I’m Hatin’ It


What it should actually read below the Golden Arch

McDonald’s: Brief History

McDonald’s began operations in the year 1940 and was established by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in California.  It was the first true fast food joint where burgers and fries were produced fairly quickly and at a cheap price for customers to grab’n’go without wait.  The business expanded tremendously and today McDonalds can be found in 119 countries around the world with some of these countries having their own elaborate McD menus.

Reason I’m hating it

The primary complain I have is only with the McDonald’s in the USA.  I am a vegetarian and also a foodie.  I love eating out at different restaurants and fast food is also something that I like.  The primary reason for complaining about McDonald’s is that it has been always anti-Vegetarian.  I remember they were sued for using beef broth in their french fries in the year 2002 and yet they didn’t recover from their mistakes.  I don’t complain about McDonald’s as a corporation because they own Chipotle chain, which is very veggie friendly place.

Recently, We went to Florida and we were driving from Kennedy space centre back to Miami when we started craving food.  We passed several exits and there was nothing to find except for some gas stations and motels… However, we found some McDonald’s on our way and decided to eat there.  The problem with McD in States is that apart from thick shakes, icecream, coffee, french fries and salad maybe there is no veggie option.  There is nothing that would heal the hunger pangs.  All of the McDonald competitors like Burger King, In-N-Out, Five Guys, Taco Bell, etc offer atleast a few reasonable priced veg options.  We ended up eating OREO McFlurry (Delicious by the way!!) and large fries.  One of my friend (kinda adventurous) ordered a CBO (Cheddar Bacon Onion) minus the Bacon or any meat and essentially ended up paying 6 freaking $$$ for 2 sesame buns with a slice of cheese and some smoked caramelized onions in between (which tasted as if cooked along side bacon).  This is ridiculous pricing and atleast if someone removes the meat content from the stupid burger the price should’ve been reduced.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Indian McDonald’s and man do they have awesome veggie options.  The McAloo tikki burger or Pizza McPuff or McVeggie for that matter are delicious and I crave these options while in USA.  On my return the first thing I did was mail McDonald’s USA and ask them “Dude, Where’s the veg options in US?” and someone from McDonald’s did respond (Which I truly appreciate that they answer every query that comes their way!!) telling me that we base our menu choices on demand for the product!!!!!  I mean that is ridiculous… I myself know thousands of Americans who are veggie or prefer veg once a while.  There are so many restaurants in California, Texas, New Jersey, New York that are purely vegetarian and still do tons of business.


What McDonald’s should try is to roll out one variety of burger: either McAloo tikki or McVeggie in limited test markets and see if they make good business.  Pick a market that is pro-veggie like state of California (My preference as I stay there lolz!!!!) and unleash the test burger for say 3 months.  If it succeeds have it permanently on the menu and if it doesn’t succeed then atleast all the vegetarians would appreciate your trying it… Win-Win scenario for McD in either case!!!

McDonald’s India

McDonald’s USA


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