Samsung Galaxy Devices

I am not going to write about the evolution of Samsung Mobile nor am I going to be writing about their loss against Apple (worth Billion $$$s).  Over the past few months, it has become a habit of mine to visit GSM Arena. It is a pretty cool website that details all the upcoming as well as recently released cell phones, their reviews and their detailed specifications. There are several other websites as well like CNET, Phone Arena, etc. but for some reason I like the simple layout of GSMARENA. I noticed that Samsung has recently been using the Galaxy brand to market all sorts of cell phones and flooding the market. I am listing a few below:

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII
  • Samsung Galaxy SII
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S DUOS
  • Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS
  • Samsung Galaxy Music

A simple search resulted into 134 devices that match the Galaxy name.  These devices vary in their specs from very high end devices to mediocre.  It is with great devotion to details and refinement that Samsung has been able to develop a name, a competitor to the likes of iPhone but saturating the market with so many Galaxy devices might not be a good idea.  People buy Apple iPhone because it is unique, they identify with the brand.  They go crazy for the name. The only devices that should have had the Galaxy name are Galaxy S3, S2, S, Note and Note2. The rest of them can be grouped into some other generic brand name that people could possibly associate with cheap, durable but android devices.

As a simple example, Honda makes Accord and Acura makes TSX.  Even though Honda and Acura are one and the same, they differentiate their brands based on the market they want to attract.  Acura is defined as a car that is luxury whereas people with middle level income can also buy Accord base version. I wonder if Lamborghini started rolling out cars that are in line with the Civic and Prius, how much would the brand suffer? Samsung should use the Galaxy brand name only for the high end devices that they roll out.  These devices should get quick Android OS updates with minimum delay, have much better customer support, solid finish and best of the components. The Jelly Bean update for Android OS went live in July. However, Samsung have still not rolled out the upgrade to S3 owners even after 3 months. It has consistently failed to deliver speedy software upgrades to the end users. I wouldn’t mind the S3 with the stock OS if it had faster upgrades and better performance.

It takes years to build brand recognition and Samsung should strive to maintain the reputation it has achieved by releasing some good Galaxy line of devices. STOP wasting the brand by selling stupid cheap n mediocre quality devices!!


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