Short stories by O’ Henry

Short stories by O’ Henry

As a teenager, we had a short story by O’ Henry (William Sidney Porter) in our coursework.  The story was very simple and called “After Twenty Years”.It was about two friends who go separate ways and decide they will meet after 20 years to see what each has achieved.  Turns out that one of them has taken the job of a policeman and the other is a wanted criminal in Chicago.  And his stories always end with a benchmark “twist in the tale”.  Something that I always look forward to, something you didn’t imagine, unexpected, abrupt.  The reader is taken by surprise and left pondering over the story once it ends.

I found this link while looking for more stories recently and it almost covers all of O’ Henry stories and a must read for people.  I am a huge fan of his art.  Each of his story is one or two pages long with easy to understand English (unlike Mr. Shakespeare)  Do read it and let me know about your comments.


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