Did The Dark Knight Rise??

Before Dark knight marathon

Before Dark knight marathon

July 19th, 2012 6:15 PM: We entered the Century theatres cinema hall to watch the marathon for Dark Knight.  With our unlimited popcorn and soda on one side, the epic marathon began.  The first movie was the Batman Begins.  The birth of the knight, his metamorphosis into this powerful individual and the conclusion with him turning into the vigilante of Gotham city are portrayed beautifully.  Some epic moments according to me in Batman Begins were when Christian Bale makes his journey to the top of a scenic Bhutanese mountain to see Ra’s al Ghul, Bale standing up for the first time to face his fear of bats in the small dark cave, the confrontation between Neeson and Bale in the shrine before Bale burns it down and escapes.  Even scarecrow had this menacing look on his face when he was on screen and he was a fitting enemy for a Batman that was still evolving and learning the tricks of the trade.  The background tracks are one of the best works by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.  It has a perfect cast with Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine providing the support tools for Batman emotionally or technologically.  Katie Holmes (who for some reason only moves the left part of her lips while speaking) is cute and does her small role convincingly.  Liam Neeson is flawless in the dark role that he portrays and his banter with Batman is truly thrill to watch.  Finally, Christian Bale seems tailor made for the role and it is difficult to imagine some one else portray the role with the charm and charisma that Bale has.  Amazing Sequence and the movie gets ‘A’ grade from me.

Then came The Dark Knight…  The film that I loved so much that I bought tickets again and again to see the movie.  Watching it after 4 years again was awesome.  It was more a Joker film than Dark Knight movie.  Heath Ledger simply changed the way Joker was portrayed earlier in batman movies.  His jokes are subtle, his dialogues scary, he is the perfect arch nemesis for the Knight.  2-face Harvey Dent uses some good CGI to show his burnt face and Aaron Eckhart gives a cool performance as well, keeping up with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger.  This movie has so many epic scenes that it is difficult to list them all… The full movie is grand, terrifying and mind blowing.  All joker scenes, the bank robbery, the death of Rachel, the scenes when Dent is being transported to another prison and the scuffle that ensues between all portrayed so well.  Also, in this movie we get to see BatPod (Bat Motorcycle), Tumblr (BatMobile) and its awesome powers.  Batpod rests within the Bat Mobile and is used to eject in case the mobile has taken severe damage.  I just love the BatPod!!  Nolan and his team deserve accolades just for the portrayal of these awesome automobiles.  Once again, I don’t have enough words to praise this movie and it gets ‘A++++++++++++++++++++++’ rating from me.

We entered the hall at 6:00 and it is almost 12:00 AM now.  My ass is filled with sweat and by now the theatre stinks with everyone’s perspiration, popcorn and God knows what!!  After a bunch of trailers, The Dark Knight Rises!

Now you can notice that I am a huge fan of Christopher Nolan’s adaptation of Batman and I loved the previous 2 movies like crazy.  So, obviously I sit attentively in my chair, put aside everything and give my full attention to the screen.  I read the reviews for the movie early on and everyone was praising the finale, the conclusion, the end to the best trilogy of our times!  The nemesis in his earlier films were menacing, evil, dark and I expected nothing less from the new movie.  The movie starts off with a bang, A CIA aircraft is hijacked in midair and the execution is pretty good.  You hear the voice of Bane during this time.  He wears a mask on his face, is huge but his speech is incorrigible and at times difficult to understand… The movie shoots off to 8 years after the Dark Knight, Gotham is peaceful, Gordan is ready to retire and flowers are blossoming everywhere except our Bruce Wayne has lost his agility and limps around at his Manor.  Just then, A female waiter robs our knight and steals precious jewels from his safe.  Wayne feels attracted to the cat burglar and jumps back to save the world… kinda silly plot!  Selina Kyle aka CatWoman is really agile, fast, quirky and a breath of relief in the otherwise dark movie.  The movie is too dark at times, slows down in pace in between and at times makes no sense.  The action scenes between Bane and Dark Knight are dull and lack the action of the earlier 2 movies.  For most part in the movie, our hero is either recovering from a severe beating or limping around.  The other plot involves Bane stealing a nuclear reactor to blow up the city in 5 months with our Knight thrown into the pits of hell.  The background score is again superb with the chanting in the pit really cool whenever someone tries to climb out of it.  However, the story itself is badly constructed.  We get the first glimpse of Robin in the form of Joseph Gordon Lewitt and he does a fairly decent job at acting.  Tom Hardy’s bane is no way close to the Joker or Ra’s al Ghul and at times he is simply boring.    Alfred and Selina give a really awesome performance, Batman does the same job he did before (which is good), Bane sucks (Tom Hardy why’d you do that??), Fox and Gordon do their part well, Joseph Gordon Lewitt as a hotheaded cop does good and Marion Cotillard playing a rich philanthropist (and has a romantic night out with our knight) has a few surprises up her sleeve.  The movie has good ending and a perfect beginning and I simply loved the way it ends… I couldn’t imagine a better ending myself.  However, it is just the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes worth a dekko… the rest OMG is piece of shit!  Nolan please bring us a 4th installment with Robin, Batman and CatWoman teaming up and uniting against the dark forces coz this finale just doesn’t rise to the occasion!!!

Movie Pros: Riveting Background Score, the fact that it is dark knight finale, Bat Plane (or whatever its named), visually stunning scenery, a few cool CGIs (blowing Gotham bridges or the football field), an epic end truly

Cons: Slow, Dull, poor storyline, a villain who makes no sense when speaking, did I mention slow??

Verdict: OK if you are a die hard fan but otherwise wait for the next DC comic or Marvel crusader to fight the evil again.


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