The Dark Knight Rises

I just purchased the Dark Knight Marathon tickets!!!  I am so thankful to Nidhi for supporting my iditic craze about movies and agreeing to be a part of it as well.  It is going to be real fun watching the joker again on screen.  I am looking forward to the 455 minutes of fun with Arjav Dave and Nidhi.  The first reviews of the Dark Knight Rises are already out applauding the finale to the greatest batman portrayal of our time… I just hope that someone else doesn’t mess it up like they do with successful franchises like LOTR or spiderman… I mean the spiderman series was spectacular but was there a need to come up with The amazing spiderman??  The Lord of the Rings also was dragged beyond the franchise with the story of gollum.

I still remember when The Dark Knight released, I was still in college and I’d skip lunch so that I can save money to go and watch the movie in IMAX getting a rental car.  I watched it 2-3 times on the normal screen but was fascinated as to how it’d look on the huge IMAX screen.  Finally, after about month of waiting a friend of mine, Akash Puthran, drove me to the nearest IMAX screen which was about 25 miles from my place.  I’ve watched that movie about 5 times in theatres, spending 8 to 16$ but that one time of watching it on the IMAX screen after waiting for so long was the best Dark Knight time I had… Thanks Akash for the fun!!

I hope that no one messes with the Dark knight series and if they do decide to make more films on batman, Christopher Nolan takes the realms again.  But for today, I am gonna fill my mouth with popcorn and drink loads of soda having fun reliving the experience of watching Dark Knight for one final time 🙂  If I get time I will write a review about the movie tonight!

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises


5 comments on “The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Yep looking forward to it!!! The reviews are really good it seems.

  2. I use shenanigan for gaming purposes and arjav for regular ones. but neither shenanigan was available nor arjav so I combined them 🙂

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