Just thinking about Cell Phones!

I had been using Apple iPhone for almost 2 years when the advertisement for the new revolutionary SIII started coming up on air.  I have been a huge fan of devices and normally keep switching my phones around.  My dad first brought home a black Nokia 5110.  It had a green backlight and was really a bulky device.  But it solved the purpose of roaming around and having the freedon to make calls without being connected to wires or regions.  The call charges were really high and texting was just out of the question.  Even then, when panasonic came up with a phone where you could change the color of the backlight, it was like revolutionary.  I have used Nokia 5110, 3315, 3200 (my first colored phone).

However, my fascination with touch screen devices started when I first laid my eyes on a Sony Ericsson P910i.  I instantly fell in love with the bulky stylus controlled device.  Sony Ericsson had a touch screen cell before that as well but P910i had a much decent screen, better management tools and support for better handwriting recognition.  It was a means of showing off to my friends as a teenager acting naive.  The P910i is the device that I used for the longest period of time… I would switch to something new in between but always return to the cherished device.  Sony had a great lead and could have come up with many wonderful devices.  However, it failed to utilize this technological advancement that they had and after 10-12 years Samsung used the same kind of tech on a better, much larger screen called Samsung Note.

I lost my P910i in USA while returning from a Denny’s one late night in Arlington, TX.  Years of data, texts, pictures all gone in that one dreadful night.  However, what stayed on was the love for touch screen devices.  I have always had conflicts about using different mobile OS.  Initially I would blame Apple to be too tight controlled and Android was the OS that gave freedom but it was badly programmed, had many security flaws and was not used widely.

Windows OS has been really bad in treating customers.  I bought a Samsung Omnia 2 as it had really great reviews and chose it over iPhone.  I hated the Windows device because they had the worst marketplace and no support at all for app makers.  Win 7 mobile was a welcomed gesture but I hate the Microsoft policy of not providing any kind of backward compatibility to the users.  Windows 7 didn’t support 6.5 devices and now Windows 8 will not support 7.  Atleast, there should be some kind of loyalty program where sticking to Windows device would get you some discount on all future releasing devices.  However, I guess the team at MS don’t care about brand loyalty maybe.

That brings me back to iOs to Android migration.  The transition is pretty easy and I love the Android OS so far.  However, I miss iPhone and the ability to just forget about the quirks of the OS.  I don’t give a fuck about some of the features on Android that people call liberating.  I don’t mind the control that Apple keeps on its devices so that I don’t have to worry about security when I download any app.  I am relaxed and worry free when using iOs.  The number of apps and especially new games on the iPhone is mind boggling.  Android is catching up but after programming apps on both devices, I’d say developing for iOs is much easier.

So, for now I am still exploring the Samsung Galaxy S3, rooting it, breaking stuff, coding stuff, having fun doing it but I know in my heart that as soon as iPhone 5 comes out my mind would long the games on iOs, the days I didn’t worry about security, when I’d play games with excellent graphics and great resolution.  Until the new iPhone comes out… Hello Android!!


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