Removing Synced Picasa pictures from Android

Hi… Recently I purchased a new Samsung galaxy S3 and as soon as I synced my gmail account, my picture gallery got flooded with tons of picture albums from Picasa, GOOGLE+, etc.  I didn’t like having those around.  The easy way to remove these pictures is as follows:

  1. Go to settings -> Accounts and Sync
  2. Select the gmail account and uncheck the box next to Sync google photos and sync picasa web albums
  3. Now, Go to settings -> Application Manager -> Gallery and clear data for this application

This would remove the albums from the Android gallery.  There are several different applications online that would be better to use compared to the stock android Gallery.


2 comments on “Removing Synced Picasa pictures from Android

  1. sheleitha thomas says:

    If I take these steps would I loose my fb page & everything on it.I just want to unsync them so my page wouldn’t be private.and I don’t know about a website

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